A splash of colour to end a normal school day. From nursery kids to grandparents, everyone can get involved in an event designed to provide a good opportunity to retain some fitness, as well as to support an excellent charity. We as a community gathered together on the 15th of May to raise money for a great cause, cancer research. This event is just a highlight of our ethos at the college, to help those in need. We believe in hardwork, tenacity and faith and this event just goes to show how we can all work together to aid those in greater need.

My part in the colour run was to throw the paint, a job undertaken by many of the sixth from students. Seeing so many happy faces run passed me was just a reflection of the faces of the people we’re helping. No matter how small the amount, it can help save a person from cancer, so for 400 students to raise funds for this cause the impact is massive. I believe that our act of generosity has made an impact on these people’s lives and I hope that the funds we raised can save many people.

Huge thanks to parent Mike Bowden for the amazing photos!